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Your Expert Marine and Barge Product Solutions

Keeping the American waterways moving.

We pride ourselves on quality products, customer service, product development, and improvementYou can trust us.​

Our story.

USIF Marine has been designing and formulating Industrial and commercial lubricants and chemicals for over 40 years. We have been pioneering new markets and new product lines to expand the company’s reach through distribution by diversifying product offerings.


Our Products

Our products are built specifically for your Marine and Barge needs.

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Prevox D-Rust Pic.png

Uniplex MAC Marine Launch Grease

Prevox D-Rust

Aluminum Complex based grease fortified with the purest petroleum oil available.


Heat Transfer Fluid

Formulated with precisely selected refined mineral oils to provide a high level of oxidation stability resulting in long life service.

With Prevox D-Rust, you can remove rust to bare metal without sanding or scrubbing.


Bilge Cleaner HD

Removes grime, stains, black streaks, oils, greases, and soot.

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Seam Test Fluid

A state-of-the-art fluid for leak testing tanks, cylinders,
bulk-heads, etc.

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Ballast Tank RP

An efficient performance rust preventative. Formulated with
petrolatum and other performance additives, it provides a soft but tough film.

Our Uniplex Mac Marine Grease performing effortlessly at a 15º launch angle

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