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Uniplex MAC Launch Grease

Removes Grime, Stains, Black Streaks, Oils, Greases, and Soot. USE: Super
Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser for Cleaning Bilges, Engine Rooms,
Boat Decks and Hulls.

Uniplex MAC Launch Grease
    Uniplex MAC Greases are Aluminum Complex based grease fortified with the purest petroleum oil available. It also has additives to provide the ultimate water wash-out resistance. Extreme pressure additives formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors enable Uniplex MAC greases to provide superior water and oxidation resistance even in high temperatures. Uniplex MAC greases contain no heavy metals or lead resisting mechanical breakdowns while providing superior rust protection. Uniplex MAC Greases as formulated to be used in environmentally sensitive applications.


    Friendly EP Launch
    Extreme Pressure Properties
    Oxidation stance
    Exceeds the U.S. EPA LC 55 test requirements for
    aquatic toxicity
    Exceeds OCED 203 test requirements for aquatic
    High Temperature Performance
    Excellent Oxidation Stability
    Superior Water Wash Out Resistance

Technical Datasheet

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